Nabil Elkhoury, M.D.


Office Information:
Uniontown Hospital OB/GYN
100 Matthew Drive
Suite 213
Uniontown, PA 15401
Phone: (724) 434-1200
Fax: (724) 434-1600

Nabil Elkhoury, M.D.
“Delivering babies is always fun for me, as well as working in the OR.”

Some Things You Might Be Interested To Know About Me

What is my favorite part of patient care?
I enjoy getting to know my patients as individual people. I enjoy the social aspect of medicine and spending time with my patients.

How did I choose my specialty?
The field of Ob/Gyn is unique in its scope, with a broad range of patients (from pediatrics to geriatrics) and a broad range of procedures. The obstetrics part also had its weight on my decision. It’s the only happy specialty in medicine, where a physician participates in the care of an unborn life and in the birthing process. It’s always exciting, as if it’s the first time, every time.

What is my most memorable experience as a doctor?
I will always remember a patient who had severe complications with life-threatening Postpartum Hemorrhage after her delivery. I provided care to her all night and through the morning hours, and tried everything possible to get a successful outcome. It made me happy and proud to save that lady’s life that day. Her family members’ words to me were more rewarding than anything else a physician could get.

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